Participated Qudoraat Information Technology and SAS Information Technology company the first international exhibition for Interior Libyan Ministry, which was held in Tripoli International Fair in Libya in the 11 to 13 February - 2013 which is organized by the three cities company a company for organize and manage events and Investor services, under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior Libyan.

Qudoraat and SAS cared to participate in this exhibition due to their great importance and its role in providing the latest cutting-edge technology of electronic programs and communication devices which is best of the techniques used globally.

As conducted Qudoraat and SAS company through this display exhibition products, goods and services in order to generate interest and convince targeted the parties the ability to compete and satisfy needs, because of these services are geared to the Libyan security service company SAS aims, through this exhibition to help security officers see the latest developments and new technologies, in addition to the opportunity for direct contact, dialogue and exchange of experiences between the number of specialists in a short time.

The manager of SAS company, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Hamdan said: that the features offered by Microsoft's new cloud systems (Office365) as a paradigm shift in the industry's history, SAS took a upon themselves to provide integrated business for companies and institutions to facilitate communication and easy and quick access to data through solutions based on the platform (Office365), deepen communication, participation and exchange of data and information, in addition to providing technologies friendly environmentally.

Al-Eregat also confirmed that the launch of these solutions with the support of Microsoft comes a commitment from Qudoraat  and SAS to its customers to view all the new in the field of regimes and data management and electronic content management solutions, which all in the performance improvement and development of the mechanisms of action and achieve the best results for clients in various sectors.

The most important services provided by Qudoraat and SAS company in the exhibition:

Office 365 Extra

The program is the provision of services (Email , Calendar, Messenger , Conference , Office App , and SharePoint Site) together through one package And associated with some in the same domain and accounts users. they service specialized in providing E-business solutions through the optimum use of cloud applications for Microsoft's global platform (Office365)

Maktaby Online:

Maktaby Online give our customers the opportunity to control and viewing their work and the performance of their employees at any time and place, where we employ in Maktaby online on the Internet as a special mediator to perform works of companies and also contributes to strengthening the decision-making processes and performance evaluation and pursue plans and objectives, initiatives and projects and daily business, all through an easy electronic environment safe from and connected to the Internet anywhere around the clock.

Accounting Online program:

Is a program that helps application manager in the follow-up to the financial assets and query about items in stores to check the indebtedness for customers from anywhere and at any time where they can access the system in two ways:

Either on the devices private foundation and its servers or Icloud link through the external hosting and access to the system from any device connected to the Internet, It's like the entire system carries in the handbag where it is designed so that it can accommodate at the same time all the processes that carried on it like expenses and sales and purchases and different balances in the same institution or in different branches of the same institution.

Archiving System:

Is a system that helps to archive all the important files from: contracts, documents issued, incoming documents, correspondence and other Where it can be preserved from loss and refer to it at any time and any place due to the availability clouding also enjoys archiving system protection and safety from loss and theft because of the availability of defining the powers of access Upon the file system.

Also participated Qudoraat and SAS company in numerous exhibitions, most recently Exhibition GITEX Saudi Arabia 2012 in Riyadh International Convention Center and exhibition which is conducted through it display their electronic products and solutions.