Qudoraat Information Technology and SAS Information Technology company announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Microsoft, so that SAS and Qudoraat  company will be the marketing partner for Office 365 in Saudi Arabia, and bringing the largest number possible of those interested in modern information technology.

This partnership allows SAS and Qudoraat  bring all that is new from Microsoft Services to Saudi Arabia and to contribute to the technical and technological advancement for Saudi firms, they also contribute to the expansion of the scope of Microsoft's work in the Arab nation.

The interest SAS and Qudoraat in cloud services stems due to their role in the transformation of the information technology products from Products to services. One of the main benefits of this technology are the dimensions of maintenance problems and the development of information technology programs for companies which used them and therefore concentrated effort of the beneficiaries to use these services.

It is also in line with the modern market policies that focus on achieving the highest return on investment in programs and electronic applications by focusing on the investment gradual High feasibility, and in addition to that it have the highest degree of safety and protection of data, users and work procedures.