SAS Information Technology company of the first companies in Saudi Arabia that shopping for Microsoft products, and most notably Office product 365, SAS and Qudoraat Information Technology took a upon themselves to transfer all that is new in the field of data management solutions and content management of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia systems, making complete the work easier for companies more quickly and cost less and help them keep pace with the technological development in the world.

Product marketing for largest companies considered in the information technology in the world is pride and responsibility defies SAS and Qudoraat with it all other products. SAS and Qudoraat company was founded in 2003, the company has distinguished list of clients in the region, where he managed during short period export of information solutions to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the Republic of Libya in addition to the UK, SAS possess work team competent and they have an ambitious plan to expand in the domestic market in the UK.